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Excellence in stone fabrication.
“ I have been an interior decorator in the kamloops area for the past five years and have worked closely with max and his staff on numerous stone applications. I never hesitate to recommend Max and his staff at Marblworks. In my opinion, Max is a master of his craft. Their work has been impeccable and completed in a timely fashion, something that is important to not only myself, but my clients as well.”
~Anne Ramunno \ Anne Ramunno Designs
Fireplace Facings and Mantles

Our stone fireplace facings and mantles are available in granite, marble, slate and limestone facings. We offer a variety of stone colour and texture options. We can customize the look of your fireplace so that it blends with your room, interior decor and furniture.

Why Choose A Stone Fireplace Facing?

1. Stone facings can be installed on any type of wall (including: brick, block, drywall and plywood).
2. Stone facings are safe and non-combustible.
3. You can get your stone facing in dozens of different styles, colours, textures and thicknesses.
4. They look elegant and increase the re-sale value of your home.
5. Stone facings are pre-sealed, durable and maintenance free.

If you are remodeling the living area of your house, our knowledgeable staff can help you choose a stone fireplace facing that fits both your budget and your interior design plans.

Contact us us to get a free estimate or come visit our Kamloops showroom and see for yourself the wide variety of beautiful stone samples.